Salt Nix Boost E-Liquid – 15ml

$30.00 $24.00

Salt Nix Boost E-Liquid – 15ml

$30.00 $24.00

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The Salt Nix Boost E-Liquid Collection comes in 3 different delicious flavours created by SALT NIX. Nicotine salts or Nic salts are a salt crystal version of nicotine and comes in PG/VG bases. Important to realize, Nic salts are a lot smoother and the body can absorb them faster. Even after being heated and vaporized it maintains its smoothness. This means you get an instant nicotine rush and your e-juice flavour is more intense and pure. As a result, it is more like a cigarette without the throat burn. Moreover, nicotine salts are significantly more stable than freebase nicotine which most juices contain. Therefore it is less prone to oxidation.


  • Peach Please:
    • Mind your manners with Peach Please
    • A sweet and juicy peach candy that’ll make your mouth pucker
  • Best in Berry:
    • It’s simply put, the best in show
    • This red berry e-liquid is a precise balance of candy sweetness and ripe red berries
  • Great Grape:
    • A super-chew purple grape gummy
    • This seriously delicious grape gummy e-liquid is a sweet delight



  • 15 ml E-Liquid
  • 3, 6 or 9mg Strength


Box Content:

  • 1x Salt Nix Boost E-Liquid 15 ml


Salt Nix

Salt Nix makes luscious e-juice flavours.

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Peach Please 3mg, Peach Please 6 mg, Peach Please 9mg, Best in Berry 3mg, Best in Berry 6mg, Best in Berry 9mg, Great Grape 3mg, Great Grape 6mg, Great Grape 9mg


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